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Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning in New Market, MD

No matter how thorough your cleaning routine is, your carpets and rugs will eventually collect dust, dirt, and stains. A regular household vacuum cleaner just can’t handle what you throw at your carpets daily. Thankfully, Normandy Carpet has the staff and equipment you need to have beautiful, spotless rugs again!

You’re probably asking questions like these:

Do I need to hire a professional to clean my carpets and rugs?

How often should I get professional carpet cleaning?

Will regular cleaning help my rugs last longer?

Normandy Carpet has been helping customers fall in love with their carpets and rugs in New Market for five decades. If you’re looking for quality carpet & rug cleaning along with unmatched customer service, your search has come to an end!

Call Normandy Carpet for carpet cleaning & rug cleaning in New Market, MD!

Normandy Carpet – Serving New Market, MD for 50 Years

Don’t worry about your stained carpets and rugs anymore. Normandy Carpet has encountered and successfully treated just about every stain on the planet for the past 50 years. We can eliminate those stubborn stains, restore your rugs, and help you love your beautiful rugs!

While many may believe they can do their own carpet and rug cleaning, it’s not always as straightforward as it appears to be. Finding the right combination of chemicals or renting the appropriate equipment can be challenging. Here’s the solution. Let us do it!

Complete Carpet Cleaning Process in New Market

Thorough Carpet Cleaning: Our tech inspects your carpet, measures it, and provides a written quote. We pre-treat all areas and give extra attention to the most soiled spots. Our truck-mounted, hot water extraction delivers a thorough cleaning. Choose an optional Scotchgard coating to preserve your carpet.

Skilled Carpet Cleaning Techs: Our technicians are all IICRC trained, ensuring that you receive a top-notch carpet and rug cleaning service every time. Many members of our team boast decades of cleaning experience, and we maintain ongoing training sessions at our warehouse in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment: Equipping our technicians with industry-leading tools and supplies for every phase of the cleaning process is our commitment. Employing hot water extraction cleaning, we guarantee professional deep carpet cleaning for optimal results.

Top-Rated Rug Cleaning in Maryland

Residents of New Market and throughout Maryland have trusted Normandy Carpet’s quality carpet & rug cleaning service for 50 years. Here are some of their 5-star reviews:

“I had a carpet “emergency” and you were able to fit me in quickly. The cleaners were on time, professional, very polite, and got every stain out of my carpet. I will recommend your service highly!” – Wendy B.

“Highly recommend Normandy Carpet cleaners. My son spilled a red Gatorade on my white couch and they were able to come that same week and remove the stain. Very professional and detailed oriented.” – Katie L.

“They did a great job! Made the rug cleaner and brighter than the previous person who tried for years!! Wish I would have used them from the beginning!” – Caroline K.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Quotes in New Market, MD

Normandy Carpet is your solution for all your carpet and rug cleaning! We have successfully restored thousands of old carpets and rugs. Quit worrying about your soiled carpets and rugs. Normandy Carpet is here and ready to get to work for you.

Call Normandy Carpet for carpet cleaning & rug cleaning in New Market, MD!

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