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Carpet Cleaning in Montgomery Village, MD

Even with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, your carpet accumulates dirt and stains that are hard to remove. Your consumer-grade vacuum cleaner can’t provide the deep clean you’re looking for. It’s time to reach out to Normandy Carpet for carpet and rug cleaning in your Montgomery Village home.

You might be asking yourself:

Should I rent a carpet cleaning machine from my local store and do it myself?

Can I trust Normandy Carpet to do an exceptional job on my rug cleaning?

Will the carpet cleaning tech make me feel embarrassed about my carpets?

Normandy Carpet has served Montgomery Village and the DMV with reliable carpet cleaning for over 40 years. We’re committed to delivering quality service and an exceptional customer experience.

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Normandy Carpet – Cleaning Montgomery Village Rugs Since 1974

Have you ever moved a piece of furniture to cover a stubborn stain that wouldn’t come out no matter how hard you scrubbed? Or have you attempted to use a complicated carpet cleaning machine rental that yielded no results? You’re not alone.

At Normandy Carpet, we completely understand your frustrations. Those stubborn stains are not your fault, and there’s no need to feel embarrassed about your carpets any longer. For 40+ years, we’ve helped customers feel comfortable and proud of their homes.

Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Montgomery Village, MD

We follow a proven process that rejuvenates your carpets, eliminates spots and stains, and restores your rugs to their original condition.

1. Inspection. Our certified service technician performs an inspection, answers your questions, and gives you a proposal.

2. Pre-treatment. The technician pre-treats all carpeted areas while giving extra attention to areas with heavy soil.

3. Deep cleaning. The tech cleans your carpet with an industry-leading, truck-mounted, hot water extraction system for a deep clean.

4. Protection. We insert blocks and tabs under your furniture to protect your carpet from stains and your furniture from damage.

5. Scotchgard. We apply an optional coating of Scotchgard to protect your carpet from future stains and preserve it for years to come.

Top-Rated Carpet & Rug Cleaning in Silver Spring, MD

We guarantee personalized, professional service. Montgomery Village and DC Metro residents have relied on Normandy Carpet to deliver unparalleled quality and attention to detail for 40+ years.

“I did not think the carpets would come clean. I was wrong. From now on, Normandy is the only company that will do my carpets and furniture.” – Jay R.

“The people at Normandy Carpet are so professional and customer service oriented. I highly recommend.” – Pam M.

“I have used Normandy for several years now and cannot recommend them enough.  No stain is too tough for them!” – Kamila S.

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Whether your carpets are calling out to you for a deep clean after years of wear and tear or have recently been damaged due to a disaster, trust Normandy Carpet to breathe new life into your rugs. Don’t tolerate stained carpets any longer!

Call (301) 740-2005 for your free carpet cleaning estimate in Montgomery Village, MD!

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