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Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning in Montgomery County, MD

Keeping a clean home is never easy. If you’re like most people, you likely spend hours vacuuming and spot-cleaning rugs and carpets that often pick up dirt and stains you just can’t seem to get out. It’s not because you haven’t tried. Your equipment and the consumer products you use just aren’t made to erase those stains no matter how hard you try.

You might be asking yourself:

  • Should I just rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it myself?
  • Can I trust a carpet and rug cleaning service to do quality work?
  • Do I even want a carpet cleaner to see these soiled carpets?

Normandy Carpet has been cleaning carpets in Montgomery County homes for over 40 years. We promise you’ll receive quality carpet cleaning & rug cleaning on every visit.

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Normandy Carpet Serving Montgomery County, MD for 40+ Years

When you invite a professional into your home, you want it to be someone you can trust. We’ve been cleaning carpets and rugs in Montgomery County for over 40 years. When we promise to remove your stubborn stains, we mean it. Let us make it happen!

We can save you from spending days dragging a rented machine around your house and trying to get out the same stains over and over again with less-than-ideal results. At Normandy, we’ve seen it all. Don’t be embarrassed by your carpets and rugs any longer. We’ll erase those stains and make your home the comfortable space you love again.

Expert Carpet Cleaning in Montgomery County, MD

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Over four decades, we’ve perfected our process for eliminating spots, stains, and soil on carpets and rugs. Let our experience save you time and energy.

1. Inspection – Our carpet cleaning technician inspects your carpet, measures it, and provides a proposal for proper cleaning.

2. Pre-treatment – We pre-treat all of your carpets and give extra attention to heavily soiled or high-traffic areas.

3. Deep cleaning – Our truck-mounted, hot water extraction system ensures a deep clean in your entire home.

4. Protection – We place blocks and tabs under your furniture to protect both your carpet from stains and your furnishings from water damage.

5. Scotchgard – If you’d like, we’ll apply a coating of Scotchgard to protect your carpet from stains and extend its lifespan.

Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning Professionals in Montgomery County, MD

We promise you’ll receive professional service every time. Our customers have trusted Normandy Carpet’s unmatched service and detailed attention for over 40 years.

“The office managers were great and very responsive and easy to work with! The delivery men came to turn our master bedroom carpet before the cleaners came. They had the rug turned in less than half an hour! The rug cleaning crew came on time and did a terrific job! I highly recommend this company.” – Lorita R.

“The best! We have worked with Normandy Carpet for several years. Honestly, they are magicians – dog stains on a white carpet – gone! And, the staff are kind, professional, honest, and always responsive and on time. What else could one possibly ask for!” – Nancy W.

Free Estimate for Carpet Cleaning in Montgomery County, MD

Is it time to eliminate stains and soil from the carpets and rugs in your home! Don’t let those dirty carpets embarrass you any longer! We’ll strip off years of wear so you can love your carpets and rugs again!

Call (301) 740-2005 or submit an online request for a free carpet cleaning estimate.

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