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Stair Runner Carpet Installation Mclean, VA

Stair Runner Carpet Installation Mclean, VA

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors and stairs are on the rise with homeowners who previously opted for carpet in their homes. Hardwood floors are durable and can be cost-effective considering the longevity they can have.

The one part of hardwood flooring that can be a struggle for our customers is hardwood stairs because they can be very slippery when descending. Falling down on hardwood stairs is a common issue homeowners face.

Installing carpet on hardwood stairs

Installing carpet on your hardwood stairs is one of the best ways to eliminate slipping. Carpet not only provides an inviting feeling in your house, but it also makes slipping/ tripping less likely.

Carpets may be added as stair runners or wall to wall carpeting on your stairs. Stair runners are the most popular choice because they provide a touch of elegance while still providing the needed safety precaution on hardwood stairs. Stair runners will not only keep you safe, but they also serve as a decent noise absorber for going up and downstairs.

Your stairway is a focal point of your home and may be one of the first aspects people notice when they walk through your door. And making sure that your home’s stairway is both beautiful and unique can create a lasting impact on anyone who enters your house. If you are struggling to figure out ideas to remodel your home stairway, there are many ways to spruce it up.

From choosing a bright paint color to curating a photo gallery, there are options to fit any home style. To help you get started, Redfin reached out to experts from Barrie, ON to Portland, OR, including us, to give you our best tips on how to make the most of your home stairway. Check out 19 Expert Design Tips to Make the Most of Your Home Stairway. 

How to install a Stair runner on hardwood floors?

At Normandy Carpet we custom order, cut, bind, and install stair runners for homes all over the DC Metro Area. After measuring your staircase, we hand-create your carpeted floor plan to make sure we maximize the carpet ordered.

Our in-house install team cuts and binds your runner to spec at our warehouse in Gaithersburg MD and then we install it in your home.

What is the best carpet for stair runners?

While any carpet style or type can be used on a staircase, wool and nylon carpet stair runners are the most popular and will help establish a matching style for your home. With the two options, you can get a sturdy stair runner while still taking a stylish look to your home. When shopping for carpet installation in Gaithersburg, Rockville, and the surrounding Washington DC area make sure to choose a high-quality carpet, in your budget, with a company that handles the whole process from start to finish.