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Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal in Potomac MD

When it comes to stains on your carpet, nothing is worse than a red wine stain. While there are a few steps you can take to help minimize the damage, it’s typically best to reach out to a carpet cleaning company for stain removal. This professional process can not only remove any hard-to-remove stains but also work on measures that may prevent stains in the future.

To learn more about effective stain removal, we’ll cover how to start removing stains from your carpet. We’ll also review how a carpet cleaning company can provide you with a thorough cleaning when your home efforts simply aren’t enough.

Removing Wine from Carpets

There are several in-home remedies and over-the-counter spot remover solutions that can be used on simple stains. Unfortunately, wine stains and blood stains are two of the hardest stains to remove with simple over-the-counter chemicals. Many times these chemicals can actually do more harm than good in the removal process.

If you attempt to clean up the stain yourself be sure to blot the carpet lightly so you do not apply too much pressure and push the stain down into the fiber.

Call a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Having a professional company come in and deep clean out any hard-to-manage stains is always a good idea. There are a few methods that professional cleaning companies use but hot water extraction is a great option.

With hot water extraction or steam cleaning, this method involves using hot water at high pressure with the goal of penetrating deeply into carpet fibers. It works by breaking down dirt and bacteria that are stored within the carpet. The hot water is then extracted with a high-powered vacuum. This is why the process uses the term hot water extraction.

The cleaning process starts with applying a cleaning agent to the area. It spreads via a brush and breaks up the dirt. After giving time to penetrate, the hot water is applied and then both the cleaning agent and the water are removed.

Preventing Future Stains

While a professional cleaning company is a great asset, it’s always best to prevent a stain than to deal with the aftermath. One of the best solutions to keep your carpet stain-free is by using a stain-resistant treatment or protectant. This adds a type of seal over the carpet and can prevent all kinds of stains, including red wine. Many of the newer carpets come with protectants already applied, but they can wear off over time. If your carpet is over a year old or hasn’t been cleaned within a year, a professional cleaning company can clean and apply a protectant. It won’t prevent all stains but will add an extra layer of protection and also make it much easier to remove any stains that do occur.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Red wine stains are a problem but they’re not the only ones that can negatively affect your carpet. In general, it’s best to have a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year and apply a stain treatment to prevent stains from happening. This will not only keep your home and carpet clean but will also help your carpet last longer because it is properly taken care of.

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